Desiccant Breathers

Standard Desiccant

Basic protection from moisture and Particulate contamination in lubricant and equipment

Standard Desiccant 

 Manufacturer Specification

Extended Desiccant

High airflow, long-lasting desiccant breathers with check-valve technology ideal for tank farms and large application

Extended Desiccant 

Manufacturer  Specification 

HydroGaurd Desiccant

Protection from moisture and particulate contamination in low flow, steady-state operations.

HydroGuard Desiccant 

Manufacturer Specification 

VentGaurd Desiccant 

Protecting against moisture and particulate contamination in low-flow applications with intermittent operations

VentGuard Desiccant Manufacturer Specification

Extreme Duty Desiccant

Des-Case’s most versatile breather solution protection against moisture and particulate contamination

Extreme Duty Desiccant 

Manufacturer Specification

Rebuildable Steel  Desiccant

Ideal protection against moisture and particulate contamination for high-flow applications

Rebuildable Steel Desiccant  Manufacturer Specification

Non-Desiccant Breathers

Non-Desiccant  ND 2

Prevent contamination when humidity is not an issue for low flow applications

Non-Desiccant ND2 Manufacturer Specification

Non-Desiccant ND 35

Prevent contamination when humidity is not an issue for high flow applications

Non-Desiccant ND35 Manufacturer Specification

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