Wound Cellulose Depth Media Filter Elements

· Axial flow between the layers of the media

· Achieves particle removal below 1 micron

· Micron rating : 3 , 5 , 10

· Performance to <3©=1000 (per ISO 16889)

· High Dirt holding capacity

· Helps to clean the oil—not just screen to oil—by dislodging 

Wound Cellulose Depth Filter Elements

Manufacturer Specification

Full Flow Filter Elements

· Microglass epoxy coated wire support

· Endcap & Centre Tube : corrosion protected steel

· Max Differential Pressure 150psi

· Maximum Flow Rate 567 Litres / minute

· Maximum Viscosity ISO 1000

· Flow direction: outside in

FlowGaurdTM Spin-On Filters

·  200psi working pressure

· Burst pressure 290psi

· Synthetic media offers wide chemical compatibility

· Steel wire construction maintains proper shape while lowering restriction

· Epoxy potting and seam seal allow for broad application use

FlowGuard Spin-On Filters

Manufacturer Specification

Bag Filters

· Polypropylene, Polyester felt or Nomex® felt

· Singed or glazed surface to prevent fabric fibres from entering media

· High solids rentention capacity

· Compatible with most fluids


Epoxy-Bonded Stainless Filters

High Pressure environments

Ideal for most fluid applications

Cleanable for long service


Metal Felt Filter Elements

for High Pressure, High Temperature

Extreme high porosity

Low Pressure drop

Ease of cleaning

Heat and corrosion resistant

Micro-Fiberglass Filter Elements

Micro– fiberglass material

Withstand 150 psi—3250psi

Appropriate for majority of liquid and gas applications

Cellulose Filter Elements

Resen impregnated cellulose filter material

Disposable filters

Standard grades of 5, 10 ,20 and 40 microns

Withstand 150 psi—300psi

Spin-On Filters

Interchangable with Pall® HC 7500 and Parker ® AT/%) AT/2 and other manufacturer filters

Rated 1, 3, 6, 10, & 25 Micron

Application: Petroleum based fluids only

High Performance Racing Elements

Designed and engineered to meet exact requirements of the racing industry

Have high dirt holding and low pressure drop can help prevent premature failures


Crimped Construction Stainless Filter Elements

Made entirely from 304 or 316 stainless steel can withstand differential pressure up to 60 PSI (300 psi elements also available)

Can withstand High temperature and is unaffected by most corrosive fluids


Welded Construction Stainless Filter Elements

Cleanable stainless steel

Extreme temperatures, high Pressure and corrosive fluids

Pressure ratings from 300 psi—4500 psi