Dedicated Filtration

FlowGaurd Panel Unit


·  Filter Bypass

·  Dual-stage filtration

· Various flow rates up to 37 l/minute

· Up to ISO 680

Protection from moisture and particulate contamination in low-flow, steady-state operations

Mobile Equipment—Engine Kits


· Single & dual canister options

·  Depth media for low ISO cleanliness levels

· Designed to prevent empty canister at engine shut down

· 50 psi pressure relief valve

Mobile  Equipment -Hydraulic Kits


·  1.8 l/minute flow control valve

·  Depth media for low ISO cleanliness levels

· 50 psi pressure relief valve

· Heavy duty industrial designed canisters ideal for harsh environments

TC Series


High flow, High capacity, dedicated filtration


·  Heavy-duty industrial style with bolt-down lids and heavy gauge cylinder walls

·  Continuous-duty gear pump 3– 150l/minute

· Up to ISO 680


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