Grantham Industrial Lubricants is the Australian Master Distributor for MotulTech Industrial Lubricants and MotulTech Baraldi Extrusion and Die Casting specialist Lubricant ranges. 


Grantham Ventures (Australia) Pty Ltd Trading as Grantham Industrial Lubricants was established in 2005 and is an Australian Owned and Operated company, specializing in supplying a comprehensive range of best in class Industrial Lubricant products and services at competitive prices. 


​Grantham Industrial Lubricants is focused on the maintenance fundamentals that underpin improvement initiatives and entered into an agreement with MotulTech to supply the MotulTech Range of Industrial Lubricants and MotulTech Baraldi Extrusion and Die Casting Specialist Lubricants as part of its commitment to supply world class lubrication products to its customers.


Acumen eSolutions entered into a agency agreement with Grantham Ventures to supply MotulTech and MotulTech baraldi specialist Industrial lubrication products to its customers. 

We have both quality products and technical integrity to improve your bottom line

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