Proactive Maintenance Products vision is to be able to offer all industrial sectors access to a diverse range of best in class products, direct from OEM to you the customer, at a fair market price.

We are focused on the maintenance fundamentals that promote and support improvement initiatives. So no matter what the maturity of your business, nor what you mine or manufacture, we have both the products and technical integrity to improve your bottom line.

Australian Industry is sold out!  The demand for your mined and manufactured materials and products outruns the ability to supply them to the market. Reliability of equipment assets is critical to your success.  Making matters worse, competition for skilled reliability engineers and technicians is fierce. At ProActive Maintenance Products (PMP), we’re dedicated to providing you with the products, training and advice you need to achieve your goals to control the root causes of failure – and provide them to you a fair price.  

Equipment reliability requires proactive maintenance of the root causes of machine failure. For fixed and mobile plant equipment, that means keeping the machine Fasteners tight, moving parts Lubricated, Aligned, and Balanced. 

Proactive Maintenance Products was formed in 2012 to bring together a diverse range of best in class products from around the world. Our mission statement is simple.... "To provide industry with world class products at a fair price". In addition to this we have an enviable technical pedigree ready to assist our clients audit, design and implement fit for purpose contamination control solutions.

Our staff comprises industry recognised professionals, each one with a minimum of 20 years offering expert advice and products to the maintenance and reliability community both here in Australia and overseas.

By providing the supply chain link between the OEM and the client, we are able to remove unnecessary cost from distribution and provide wholesale pricing for clients in Australia wide.

Proactive Maintenance Projects is the Master distributor of DesCase Desiccant Breathers and filtration Systems, Swift Filter filtration systems and AST Electro-Luber auto and electro-lubers Lubrication systems. 


As per our agency agreement with ProActive Maintenance Products (PMP), Acumen eSolutions will assist PMP with sales and distribution of DesCase, Swift and ATS Electro-luber products and services in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.