RMF Varnish Removal System
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This is the most complete varnish removal and prevention system on the market. It removes oxidation by-products and prevents varnish formation during the cooldown.

Varnish is a common problem for a wide range of hydraulic fluids and lubricants, especially in turbine and plastic injection molding applications. It results in:

•    valves sticking
•    shorter fluid life
•    shorter filter life
•    unscheduled downtime

The long fiber cellulose / PP cartridges in this system are specially designed for the removal of varnish by-products which are dissolved in the fluid. These cartridges adsorb polar acids by means of special compacted fibers which create an intricate internal flow path.

Unlike other technologies, the cartridges do not add water to the fluid. They actually REMOVE water and other solid contaminants.


A recent case study conducted shows how our new system quickly removed varnish in a plastic injection molding machine. Download Case Study


RMF Varnish Removal System

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