Reduce up-tower visits and maintenance cost with our integrated solution

Remove the need of maintenance inspections to the Turbine with our integrated Wind Turbine Solution which consist of the following stand alone or integrated options:

  • Ultrasound Online Bearing Lubrication and Health monitoring direct to your PC;  

  • Ultrasound notification when bearings are in need of attention directly to your mobile phone ;


  • Bearing lubrication remotely from your office; 


  • Intelligent monitoring of condition of oil in gearbox from your office.

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UE Systems OnTRAK ultrasound System will lubricate and monitor of the condition of remote wind turbines directly to your PC 


The ONTRAK SMART LUBE™ is a remote bearing monitoring and lubrication system designed to provide lubrication certainty. It will identify when and how much lubrication is required and will then remotely dispense the grease with precision anywhere in the world. 


The signal can be live streamed and used in the UE SPECTRALYZER™ Analysis software for diagnosis and analysis.


The OnTRAK Ultrasound System is the most easy and affordable online bearing lubrication and health monitoring system available. 

Manufacturers specification

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Monitor the condition of remote wind turbines via mobile network


The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ unit sends an SMS to a nominated mobile phone when equipment reach a pre-determined trigger point.  The user can dial into the secure GSM4G™ unit and view real time data on the equipment.


The signal can be live streamed and used in the UE SPECTRALYZER™ Special Analysis software for diagnosis  and analysis.


The GSM4G™ unit  can be permanently fixed to the equipment and can operate using either 24 VDC or 240 VAC power .

Manufacturers specification

ATS Electro-Lube manufactures a specialist range of electro lubers specifically designed for the Wind Turbine market including the Smart lube lubricator that can be activated remotely via the OnTRAK system

These include:   

ATS Wind Solution: a Sponge Pinion and Yaw Gearing ATS Automatic Lubricator: This lubricator solution cuts the required "Up-Tower" ring gear maintenance schedule in half. The pre-filled luber replacement cartages last for one year and requires less grease.     


Manufacturer specification.

ATS MD2000 TITAN CL  Wind Series: a powerful motor-driven automatic lubricator which is refillable by simply replacing a standard grease cartridge. The microprocessor controlled, energy efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed displacement pump which produces pressures up to 900psi. This strength allows the TITIAN CL to drive lubricant to several bearings consecutively through long feed lines using a progressive distribution bloc    

Manufacturer specification.  

ATS MD 2000 ULTIMATE Automatic lubricator Wind Series: a powerful motor driven automatic lubricator which is refillable using a standard grease gun. ATS Electro-Lube has re-engineered the ULTIMATE specifically to face the challenging operation environments the wind power industry presents.    



Manufacturer specification.  

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Meet wind turbine  challenges through remote condition monitoring


Des-Case wind turbine applications provide proactive solutions to protect wind turbine gearbox and hydraulics.


Some of the biggest names in the wind energy business, including 5 of the top 8 wind turbine OEMs, trust Des-Case solutions.

Condition monitoring using:

-  Connected Desiccant Breather

-  Contamination Monitor Sensor

-  Oil Quality Sensor


The connected breather provides early identification of moisture level changes in the oil and possible sources of entry making it an integral part of a holistic oil condition monitoring solution.

Manufacturers specification and additional information