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Rental Portable "FlowGuard" Filter Carts

DesCase FlowGaurd Portable Filter Cart or DesCase FlowGaurd Drum Topper now Avaiable for Weekly Rent 

Dedicated FlowGaurd Filter Carts for Hydrloic Fluid and Gear Oil

Rental Terms

Filters available for removal of Particle contamination as well as Water contamination. 

  • Rental is calculated on a weekly rate

  • 20% discount from week 2

  • Discounted rates for longer term rental

  • Units are dedicated and used exclusively for lubricant types

  • New filters will be fitted before unit is delivered

  • Replacement filter elements available at discounted rates.

  • Should any issue occur with the unit, a replacement unit will be delivered free of charge.  




FlowGaurd Filter Cart                                      FlowGaurd Drum topper

  • Heavy duty cart with oil catch pan                   *  Compact portable filtration

  • Dual-stage filtration                                       *   Dual-stage filtration

  • 3m house with quick release connection          *   1.5 meter hose with quick

  • Filter bypass                                                      release connection

  • Viscosity Rage ISO 10 - 680                           *   Filter bypass

  • Flowrate up to 37 l/minute                             *  Flowrate 4- 14 l/minut

FC Series Filter Cart 

Manufacturer Specification

FlowGuard Drum Topper Manufacturer Specification

FlowGaurd Filter Cart

FlowGaurd Drum Topper

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