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Ultrasound Assisted Bearing Lubrication.

Ultrasound assisted bearing lubrication has many advantages. Studies show that 60% to 80% of bearing failures are directly lubrication-related.

Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication

Ultrasound can be used to prevent both over and under lubrication of bearings preventing the related bearing failures.

The concept is simple. It’s based on friction. As the need for lubrication increases, minute increases in friction will take place which can be measured on a ultrasound level and shown as an increase in amplitude or the decibel level. When a bearing needs grease, there will be a visible drop in the dB down to a more normal or baseline dB.











                                                                        Correctly lubricated Bearing 

At that point, further lubrication should stop.  As more grease is added to an already sufficiently lubricated bearing, there is an increase in both pressure and friction inside the bearing housing. We now know over greasing is as harmful to a bearing as a bearing running without grease. 

The information collected when using ultrasound for bearing lubrication, can effectively be used to develop a full condition based lubrication system specifically tailored to actual conditions and needs of each individual bearing , rather than a general time based lubrication covering all bearings the same way regardless to the individual circumstances

                                                                                   Over-Lubricated Bearing 

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