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As part of our service commitment we, will provide a library of relevant information that is intended to assist with our objective to ensure best in class contamination control.  

The Basic information papers will provide the basic information to understand the power of using Ultrasound.

The collection of White papers covers various Ultrasound and contamination control topic which will assist with better understanding each of the topics. 

In our advance discussions we will use our knowlage to provide a more indepth discussion on various Ultrasound topics for the more advanced user. 

Ous sound file library consist of Ultrasound sound files of various interesting Ultrasound recordings to assist with identifying different Ultrasound sounds which can be hearing in the workplace. We will constantly update the library as we make interesting recordings in our day-to-day operations.

The videos consist of "how to videos" that could assist users in improving heir understanding of using Ultraprobe equipment in the work place and improving the overall understanding of using Ultrasound in the workplace. 

We have only recently added the resources page to our website, so this is a work in progress, and we commit to constantly add new and more information to the list of resources. 


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