We specialize in production reliability by providing Industrial Solutions to protect and extend the operational life of your industrial equipment.

To  achieve this, we built a network of highly skilled practitioners giving advice and training, using "best in class” product range to ensure continuous success.

Our main activities include:

  • Inhibiting particle and water contamination in lubricants using DesCase (Desiccant Breathers, FlowGuard Filter Carts, Vacuum Dehydration Units and Lubricant Storage Systems) and Swift Filter products;

  • Ensuring regular and correct amounts of grease is supplied to bearings and other moving parts using ATS Electo-lubers and UE-Systems Ultra-Sound equipment;

  • Providing DesCase FlowGuard Filter Carts for rental to deal with one-off contamination control (for both particle and water contamination);


  • Providing leak detection surveys and steam trap integrity inspections through our ISO certified staff using UE-Systems Ultra-Sound technology. Contact us for a free demonstration


  • Working with our partners at Proactive Maintenance Products and UltraTek to assist with a full suite of practical, hands on training so you get immediate results from your Ultra-Sound program and plant reliability improvement.

  • Managing an Australian based "Ultrasound User Group" to assist with sharing of information and technical expertise. To visit Ultraprobe Australia User Group Here