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We specialize in production reliability by providing Industrial Ultrasound Solutions to protect and extend the operational life of your industrial equipment.

To  achieve this, we built a network of highly skilled ISO Certified practitioners using Industrial Ultrasound Equipment to give advice and training, on extending the life of your critical key equipment and identifying equipment in need to attention. . 

Our main activities include:

  • Doing Non-destructive Industrial Ultrasound Inspections and Surveys on the following equipment:

    • Bearings including condition of the bearing and conditions and quantity of lubrication in the bearing ;

    • Mechanical equipment including gearboxes, fans, turbines etc.;

    • Steam traps including Mechanical; Thermodynamic, Thermostatic and Fixed Orifice 

    • Air leaks, including oxygen, and other expensive gasses;

    • Explosive gas leaks, using intrinsically safe certified ultrasound equipment. 

    • Lubrication testing for both over and under lubrication;

    • Electrical testing for potential Corona, Tracking and Arching and testing switch boards, switch gear, transformers, heat exchangers, etc.;

  • Ultrasound assisted Lubrication;

  • Ultrasound equipment for Rental

  • Industrial Ultrasound training 

  • Providing Filter Carts for rental to deal with one-off contamination control (for both particle and water contamination);


Contact us for a free demonstration and a one hour free survey.


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