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 Ultrasound on-site, non-destructive inspections.

Acumen eSolutions offers on-site Ultra-sound inspections and survey services using UE Systems Ultra-sound technology and ISO Certified Level II Ultrasound Inspectors.

The non-destructive Ultra-sound surveys work exceptionally well for any of the following applications:

Bearing Health Survey 

Ultrasound provides the ultimate early warning of bearing failure. It also detects lack of lubrication and prevents over lubrication on bearings. 









More information on Ultrasound Bearing survey

Bearing in good condition.jpg
bad bearing.jpg

Bearing in a bad condition

Bearing in a good condition

Electrical inspection.

Ultra-sound inspection may be performed on both open access and enclosed electrical equipment and switch gear at all voltages (low, medium and high) including identifying arcing, tracking or, in higher voltages, corona






More information on Ultrasound Electrical Inspection​


Example of Corona

Example of Arcing 

Steam trap inspection.

Ultra-sound inspection makes it easy to identify problems with the operation of steam traps and readily determine operating conditions while steam traps are on-line.

                         Steam trap working correctly                                                                        Steam trap stuck in open position 

More information on Ultrasound Steam Trap Inspection

open close steam trap.png
open stram trap.png

Ultrasound assisted Bearing Lubrication.

Ultrasound assisted bearing lubrication has many advantages. Studies show that up to 80% of bearing failures are directly lubrication-related.

​Ultrasound can be used to prevent both over and under lubrication of bearings preventing the related bearing failures.


More information on Ultrasound assisted Bearing Lubrication


Example of bearing correctly lubricated


Example of bearing being over lubricated. 

Valve Inspection.

Determine operating conditions while valves are on-line. We can determane if a valve is open, closed or leaking. 


More information on Ultrasound Valve Inspection

closed valve.jpg

Example of a Valve in a fully closed position

Example of a Valve in a fully open position

Mechanical Inspection.

Ultrasound is very effective in identifying early warning of potential problems or failure in a wide range of mechanical applications including any moving parts such as pumps, motors, conveyors, gear & gear boxes, couplings, fans, compressors, robots, etc.

More information on Ultrasound Mechanical and Bearing Inspection

Leak Detection 

Ultra-sound leak detection covers a wide range of leaks: pressure or vacuum and any gas or steam. We also have intrinsically safe Ultraprobe 9000IS to use in areas or gases where intrinsically safe equipment is required.  


More information on Ultrasound Leak Detection

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